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33 years of R/C Hobby building, crafting and controlling R/C products with hundreds of custom builds. 

I started when I was  13 1/2 years old I was in downtown Elmhurst, IL. and walked into what was the GREATEST!! Hobby Shop ever AL'S Hobby Shop and seen for the first time a real R/C Car I was fascinated by the R/C Airplanes but couldn't get my mind off the Tamiya  Grasshopper wow! I went home and immediately made plans for a Toy garage sale.

I made enough money to by the Grasshopper a Futaba 2CH Radio, Battery and a Charger with a wind up timer. It was AWESOME I was the fastest in the neighborhood everyone else had box store brand R/C cars. lol  

Well I had another Garage sale to by a Coxs 2CH foam airplane (that I painted green with camo) It was great i never crashed the plane . nothing the less it was the best thing I ever did was walk into AL'S Hobby Shop. I LOVE TO CREATE AND fLY 

 R.I.P.  Elmer and AL

  • 22 year Pvt. Pilot 
  • Previous owner of Aircraft Painting Company in CA.